screen door saver

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screen door saver on doorHas your husband, wife or best friend ever been lost in thought and walked right through your $200 sliding screen door? Do your children, who can spot an ice cream truck two miles away, suffer some kind of vision impairment around your screen doors? Does your dog have "screen door amnesia" with squirrels in the backyard?

Put a beautiful, eye catching Screen Door Saver in their line-of-sight and your worries are over!

Not only are our products great for screen doors, you can decorate your pool enclosure, pretty up your fireplace screens (when not in use), or separate the pair and use them on refrigerators, vehicles, and metal mail boxes. Your Screen Door Saver is movable, so get several designs and change them to suit your moods.



A Screen Door Saver consists of two pieces of rubberized, flexible magnetic material. On one side of each piece a beautiful painting of an object or animal has been applied using special weather resistant inks. Each piece is a mirror image of its mate.

To cover a hole or rip in your screen, merely allow the two magnetic pieces to snap together with your screen sandwiched between them. To prevent walk throughs, apply the magnets at eye level. The magnetic artwork will catch your attention and alert you to the presence of the screen. Even your pets will stop short when a Screen Door Saver is placed at their height.


put them on appliances...

Made from flexible magnetic material, Screen Door Saver snap onto any steel surface. Decorate your kitchen with your favorites !